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[Open log] Come out little mages

Who: Blair, Erza Scarlet, and anyone at the Fairy Tail Guild - Fayren
What: Mirajane invited Blair to try and join the guild
When: August 7th
Where: Fairy Tail Guild
Why: Curious cat.
Warnings: It's Blair....

It wasn't hard to convince Blair for certain things. Toss her a ball of yarn and she would be all over it. Mirajane seemed nice, and fun. The idea of them being a duo for entertainment pleased Blair. She also loved working with people. Plus, Blair really had to look for a job to buy some cute stuff she had seen in the city. Long as the guild payed and was fun, it was fine for Blair.

It taken some time, but finally Blair was finally free. The party was fun, Blair had to recover herself from a migraine thanks to the drinks and excitement. But hey, she had fun and met a couple cute boys and girls. Today she decided to go human form, to be a little more professional, like back in Chupacabra. Blair had her attire, almost a bra with her short jacket and short shorts. This girl had no issues exposing skin, she was a cat after all. So professional, for her.

When she arrived at the Guild Hall, Blair tipped her had up to see the signs and made sure she was at the right place. She flashed a playful grin and opened the door to let herself in. Blair walked right in, arms behind her back as she glanced around the place. She let out a soft whistle of the place, it was nice. On top of it all, there were people here who knew magic.

"Hello~?" She called out. "Mirajane miss?" She continued to wonder around the place.
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Even though Erza herself is dressed in a steel breastplate and a skirt, she's not even remotely thrown off by the relative lack of clothing on the new arrival - she's a member of Fairy Tail, after all, and that kind of outfit is commonplace.

"Mira's stepped out for a few minutes - is there anything I can help you with?" Mirajane was still getting used to Genessia, and last that Erza had heard, she was going to explore Fayren for a bit.
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"Well, you're certainly enthusiastic about it." Mirajane had only been in Genessia for a few days; she had mentioned that she might have convinced someone to join, but Erza didn't think they'd show up so soon.

"I just have a few questions about your skills and motivations - they're fairly straightforward." Luckily, she had sat in on a previous interview that Mavis had did, as she's not used to doing this sort of thing.
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Admittedly, Mirajane's recommendation is a big help, and the guild's pretty easy-going when it comes to newcomers. "Sure, that would be wonderful. Are you thinking about helping Mira with the bar?"
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"Good - I'm sure she'd love the help, and it's good to hear that you have experience." Erza takes a sip of her drink. Hopefully she doesn't drink too much, or things could quickly go horribly wrong; she doesn't handle her alcohol well, to say the least.

"So what kind of magic do you have? Aside from," Erza waves her fingers around, mimicking Blair's actions. "that. You don't need magic to work here, but given the dangers that Fairy Tail mages can face, it does help."
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"Sounds like you're quite versatile." That definitely doesn't hurt; Erza prefers to be prepared for everything, and it helps to have alternatives if someone can negate your main magic.

Continuing to keep up her slow pace when it comes to finishing her drink, she pauses at that last statement. "Who's Zwan?"
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Erza stares at the hat for a moment or two - the dancing is a little hypnotic. Still, she jots down a few notes to show the others before continuing. "So why do you want to join Fairy Tail?"
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"Good, because that's certainly something that you'll do a lot of in this job." Erza has a big speech planned about how being a member of Fairy Tail is a huge responsibility, but she'll save it for the end.

"Being in a guild is quite fun. It can get rowdy at times, but you seem like you can handle that." Thankfully, she's mellowed out a great deal as far as rowdiness is concerned - now she's content to sit back and watch instead of forcefully stopping everyone from brawling. "I take it that witches are secretive where you come from, then?"
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"Hi! Welcome to Fairy Haven!" A youthful voice answered Blair's call.

Mavis was walking down the hall barefoot, as per her habit. She was carrying a pile of books that was so huge that only one strand of light blond hair emerged from the top of the stack.

She set the books on a nearby table and gave the newcomer a big grin.

"You must be Blair," Mavis guessed. "Mirajane said you'd be visiting us. I'm Mavis Vermillion, Fairy Tail's guild master. I'm happy to meet you."
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"Oh!" Mavis let out a little surprised sound as Blair changed form. Granted Mirajane had told her about this ability of Blair's. But to know it and actually watch it happen when two different things.

As the purple smorke dissipated, Mavis was smiling again. "That's amazing! You're just like Carla. I hope you two can meet some day." Mavis crouched down to be eye-level with the kitty and attempted to carress her back is she'd let her.

"It's nice to meet you too, Blair. And yes, that would be correct. I take it you're interested in joining us?"
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Mavis was delighted to see that Blair allowed her to scratch her back. And of course, she did go on until she reached the end of her tail. When Blair the Kitty started to brush herself gently against her leg, Mavis was laughing.

"She is, yes," Mavis confirmed, eyeing the pendant around Blair's neck. "She's actually what the people from my world call an Exceed. They are cat-like beings that can talk and fly. The most gifted among them, like Carla, can also take a human form."

The blond guild master chuckled softly had that. "We sure never get bored. Members of Fairy Tail love going on adventures. Do you like that too, Blair?"
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Purrs were nice and funny. It made Mavis want to keep petting the black cat with the witch hat so she would get more of those. Blair reminded her of the little squirrel-like creatures she'd befriended on Tenrou Island. They didn't purr per se but they liked scratches too and they would make little happy sounds whenever Mavis would pet them. Before Zeira, they were the little girl's only friends on the island.

"No, they're not. Some people even think they're angels." Mavis shrugged. "I just think they're very gifted and helpful friends. They can be very cute too."

Mavis smiled at her enthusiasm. Blair definitely looked like she'd be a good recruit for Fairy Tail. "Do you now? What's the best adventure you went on?" She them paused and tilted her head curiously. "Mr. Death? Who is he?"
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Mavis would have been very flattered to know that Blair was mentally comparing her to her previous owner.

"Not all the time. The spell they use to fly makes white angel-like wings appear on their backs." Mavis smiled, pleasantly surprised, as the cat suddenly hops on her shoulder. She gently scratched the underside of the cat's chin.

"You mean he's the god of death in your world?" Like Ankhseram? The one who cursed her and Zeref. Mavis briefly wondered how it would feel to meet him. But Blair seemed to like Mr. Death a lot. So she chose not to say anything about her own experience with "Death". "I wonder... Are there people who are immortal in your world?"

The adventure Blair was talking about seemed really fun indeed. "That kid was trapped in a magical book? How did that happen?" Her big green eyes were bright with curiosity and excitement. "What does the inside of a magical book look like? Do you think you could be my guide too sometime?"