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Who: Captain Jack  and ANYONE
What: Just what it says on the tin
When: August 8 and 9th
Where: Noted in prompts
Why?:  Because Jack is Jack and things need to happen okay
Warnings: One of the prompts is going to contain discussions of needs and possible sex.

On the TARDIS: Closed to anyone who lives there

Jack hummed as he sat at the desk in his room and made notes in his journal. It was something he started after the Miracle. He wasn't sure out long his memory is going to be able handle his centuries of experience. He smiles and hummed along with the soft Glen Miller the TARDIS was playing for him. She'd also provided the journal a leather bound book with his real name and his chosen one written in Boekind language. It also locks with a thumbprint lock that is coded to his DNA. He writes with a pen and an inkwell enjoying the scratch of it on the paper as he works to remember everything he doesn't want to forget. 

Wandering About:

Jack was exploring with the eye of a man who can easily take in every detail in one glance. His hands are stuck in his pockets and his coat billowing out behind him. He doesn't really know what he's looking for just that he needs to take the measure of this place. He's also lost in his own thoughts as if his memories were a bit too much to bear, but he needs to remember. He's been through a lot since arriving here and while exploring he needs to think...needs a moment to process everything. 

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Rose flomps on Jack's chest, glomping and hugging him. "I was just thinking of doing that too." Taking notes on things other than Torchwood style "work" aligning people and their points in time as references. "Also... I'm an idiot, and you're perfect so don't think you did anything wrong ever, okay?" Also not letting go. She is officially comfortable again and able to relax.
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Rose stuck her tongue out at him. "Yeah.... I might'a also..." she laughed herself, "Gone a little overboard. In congratulatin' him. Oops," a shrug.
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Laughing, and blushing, Rose shook her head. "Nah. I know what I want, and that's not it. Not what ya think either. It's just... gonna be too complicated with the Doctor here. I told him that before too. Made him all depressed with it. Amy said he, the future Doctor, and River's, relationship is super open and that's just..." more headshakes, and Rose bit her bottom lip, hiding her face slightly in Jack's chest, "Not me. Yet. Probably never."

She lightly bit one of her fingertips. "I was just jealous," she admitted with another soft laugh. "I mean I'm glad you made him happy, and I don't want ya to do anything different, but that wasn't me goin' after what I really want. Just feelin' competitive." She snorted, and gave him a sneaky sideglance. "It's easier with ya because I kind of left some pretty visible marks, yeah?" And she did not mean scratches or bruises or even hickeys. "With him, it's more invisible, and it's not like I want him depressed," she sighed, chewing her bottom lip in thought. "I just got competitive. I warned him about that."

She gently took Jack's face in her hands. "Listen yeah? Before you and he... whatever... the other day, I told him if he hurt you again I'd make him regenerate into Amy's favorite version. And I mean it. Still do. So if something happens, you'll have to pick me up and carry me away until I cool off, understand?" She let go and smiled softly, shaking her head again, "I'm not sayin' do anything differently. Just be yourself. Be happy. But I won't forgive anyone hurting you. Even him. I'm always on your side, got it?" She gently offered him a sweet kiss.
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"Good," she laughed and gently nuzzled him, nose to nose. "Otherwise I wouldn't trust you with myself. I'm still a bit electric right now," she affectionately played her fingers in his hair. "This way I know you're safe and won't get hurt by me either," she beamed, 100% meaning it.
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She grinned broadly and nibbled down his throat, purring right back, "Oh, he was bouncy like cheerful like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. I just had to see how those springs worked." Her eyes are practically glowing, watching Jack. "He cheated, usin' alien psychic energies to nibble right here," she gestured vaguely with a hand over breasts, "Without even gettin' my shirt all the way off first. Sly devil. And here I'd have expected him to be shy."
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"Yup," Rose laughed at the first part, and her eyes just widened at the rest. "Ehhhhh you're a telepath?! I'm so jealous! I only got some of the basic Torchwood training, but..." she scrunched her face up wondering if she could replicate what Jack and the Doctor did to them. Or if it would just be thinking loudly.

If nothing else she can try to use the TARDIS' field and her Bad Wolf connection to ampify her empathy in reverse --

And tickle Jack between the legs.
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She laughed at that, purely delighted and surprised. "Okay you can teach me," she beamed up at him, lacing her fingers with his. "I trust ya Captain." Tongue out the side.
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"Ah... yeah?" She bit her bottom lip in thought. Truly, with anyone else, she probably would have shut down. After all opening herself up to the empathy or even just letting down what little shields she had was dangerous at best, but it was a muscle too, strain from force was definitely a danger, and Rose wasn't the type to overthink things. She focused on letting go, on calming down and relaxing, and replaced the tickles with a gentle kiss to Jack's shoulders.
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"Um?" She shivered back, enjoying all of it, and laughed softly, "I don't think you gotta worry about that." She might as well be an open book to Jack. She didn't want him worrying, so she slid some concerns and angers and fears about the Doctor, about Jack, about the Doctor pitying Jack which she reamed the Doctor out over hard, and maybe some vague jealousies... which refused to be doored, so she gave up and gently kicked the rest behind a very small Alice-in-Wonderland style sized door, barely fit for a mouse.

She gently nuzzled him again and worked on psychic kisses down his throat, eager to see if she could get more purrs and reactions out of the fellow time traveler.
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Boeshane, she assumes the language to be. Or some other alien language he picked up as a time agent, before traveling with the Doctor, or then again, maybe even after.

She grins and shivers at the mental caress and nuzzles him all over again, beaming and laughing, returning the psychic hug hard with her own, "{Already do!}" Because she did. More than anything or anyone else.
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He wasn't the only one who had the problem of too many thoughts rattling around in his head. Demyx was in a similar boat, and in that event, he wasn't paying attention at all to where he was going.

He walked around the corner and suddenly into a person who happened to be there. He stumbled backwards a little and his eyes widened in surprise.

"Geeze, I'm sorry!"
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Demyx smiles back as he's caught and his balance is regained. "Captain huh?"

His eyes were alight with amusement. "I'm Demyx. Nice to meet you, although that was pretty weird way of doing it."
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Meanwhile, Ichabod is exploring with the eye of a man who has his face buried in his phone because being outside is uncomfortable.

Rather, being outside when everyone else is outside is uncomfortable, there's a reason the constable usually worked nights, and it wasn't just for the quiet commute home.

He'd learned very, very quickly that phones were an excellent excuse to never ever ever have to talk to anyone he didn't want to.


It also kept people from approaching him, a thought that was good in theory but when your eyes are glued to a tiny computer screen and not, say, on the road in front of you-

Well the inevitable happens.

And one might find him unwittingly walking dead into another human being, thus ruining any and all chances of not having to talk to anyone today.

Good job, Ichabod.

Either the constable would go stumbling back right before contact, or both men were about to have a surprise hug.
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Well, at least Ichabod didn't hit the ground. The onus is on him to pay attention of course, probably the only thing keeping him from getting snippy in the subsequent wave of awkwardness.


The constable smooths his coat a bit, fixing Jack with a searching look-

"Ichabod Crane." Maybe constable didn't quite apply if he... wasn't a constable, after all.

"I apologize, I should have been watching where I was going."

No one really... offered him handshakes before. It took a moment, but he moved and took Jack's hand politely, the motion quick and light.
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"I've been present for at least a month. I'm usually very involved in my work, however, I don't have time to speak with everyone who arrives."

Or rather, more likely, he'd rather not. It's pretty obvious the dark dressed man is as awkward as a three legged stork.

"I take it you've just arrived yourself?"
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Jack wasn't the only captain with a lot of thoughts in his head. Han still gets a lot rattling around in his head, even now, and sometimes, getting away from things to process his thoughts is the best he can do. He almost runs into Jack because he isn't totally paying attention-his hands are shoved in his own pockets, his mind on Leia and the kids, wishing he could see them again. But at the same time, it's not safe with Palpatine himself here. He just wishes he could go home.
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Ah, another captain. Of what, Han didn't know, but still, it was interesting.

"Solo." he replied. "Captain Han Solo." he replied. "Millenium Falcon....fastest ship in the galaxy. Or probably a lot of others in my way of lookin' at it. What about that a ship or military?" he asked.
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He shook the offered hand. Good, he thought, another spacefarer. It was never easy to tell around here.

"Kinda. I never wanted to get drug into it...all I did was take a job for them to get some extra money. Somehow, it just happened...I guess, the more I was intent on leaving, the more a certain rebel princess kept pulling me back. She has a way like that." he said.

"But I kept telling them to knock off the General stuff...I never liked sounding so high and mighty like that. I said that Captain was just fine."