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What is a woman?

Who: Lisa Tepes and Remilia Scarlet
What: Determining if Lisa is really herself or a creation
When: Sometime after the blood rain started but before this all goes down.
Where:Lisa's rooms at Castlevania
Why: To determine if Lisa really is the Lady of the Castle.
Warnings: Possible language, all the feels, and memories of a time long ago.

Lisa sighed as she closed the book she had been brought from the Library. She disliked being unable to move around as she wished, but knew that she would still need more time for her body to heal. Whatever Sakuya and Patchouli had done to her was great, but it would still take time for her to get her strength back.

She also wanted to find her husband, but she knew better than to try and leave her rooms at the moment. Even when they were back home, it was dangerous for her to go to certain parts of the Castle without Vlad and she would probably get lost trying to find him right now. At least she knew that her son was alive and she would learn more about Soma at a later time. It was all too much for her right now.

Hearing her doors open, she set the book aside on a small table and stood up slowly. She still needed a cane to move around and hated it as well, but she knew her limits and wasn't about to push herself too much.

"Greetings," she said with a smile. She may be injured, but she wasn't going to be rude.
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Remilia's been scoring Everglade for any signs of suspicious alchemy involving working with homunculi... Nothing, so far.

After a day of this, she decided to retreat to Castlevania... and come to think of it, she's not met Lisa herself. As fate would have it, she finds her way into Lisa's rooms...

"...Ah?" There was a moment of surprise. "Greetings. You would be Lisa, correct?"
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She sniffs the air, curious... and notes that she seems pretty human to her so far.

"Hmm, I wouldn't mind some tea," the short vampire replies with a curtsy, before sitting down. Lisa is higher nobility as far as the little vampire is concerned. "I have been meaning to talk to you about Lord Tepes..."
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The request for tea made the air shimmer slightly, a certain maid appearing with a small wave of chilling power. Remilia knew Sakuya had been doing her best to nurse the woman back to health, though she may not have been aware that Sakuya was actively monitoring Lisa's room for any calls for aid.

"Lady Remilia. Lady Tepes." It was a greeting only, the maid remaining quiet so as not to interrupt the conversation at hand.

She set down a cup for each as well as a small plate of tarts to compliment. Each woman got a measured pour, the maid drawing a knife. She picked the heel of her hand, adding several drops of blood to Remilia's tea.
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"My thanks, Sakuya." She heard most of that from Patchouli, and of course Dracula throwing a bit of a fit.

"The church, as always, is nothing more than a blight, and humanity easily led sheep. Yes, I know all about the things they did," she replies, taking a sip of her own tea. She may have told him in turn about what happened to her own Flandre.
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"He does not believe you are real, but a homunculus someone made in your form. Everglade would be overrun with demons by now had I not been able to convince him to give me a month's time to find the 'culprit.'" In short Dracula is being very silly indeed. Not to mention being a jerk.
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"I would rather not see Everglade destroyed, but he is as stubborn as Patchy when she is in a 'must research everything!' mood." Yep, she is quite fond of Patchy, even if she exasperates her by being a bookworm. A woman who, incidentally, mixes magic with science.

"Curious you would say that, in a castle with three vampire residents."
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Well. She seems rather convinced about that. Remilia doesn't believe in gods either, but not because she thinks they don't exist, but because she sees them as being more trouble than they're worth. "And yet Patchy could still heal you."

She smiles a little, though. "You are far braver that most humans are, I must say..."
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"I hope I am able to make him come to his senses... As one of the deputy guardians of Everglade, protecting it is my job."