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[Congratulations, Mr. 19th Century, you've figured out how to video.

God only knows how long he's been working on using this thing, in private, with no company, without looking like an idiot. It's really important that he doesn't look like an idiot, and he's still sort of upset about his entire introduction here being one line train of looking like the biggest idiot ever to idiot in the kingdom of idiots.

So hey, it would almost appear that Ichabod is one hundred percent comfortable with using this phone now!

It's just a shame he sucks with human interaction because that discomfort will never go away

I've gotten a new position at the local hospital.

[Or, rather, he's been in it for a while, but again, didn't want to look stupid on the internet so he's been practicing this]

I am, however, still interested in remaining active in criminal justice. It hardly bothers me to take on another position, part time or not.

[He doesn't have a fucking life, work is his life]

If there are any openings available, I should like to hear of them.

Thank you for your time.

[... And then a massive awkward pause as he spends the next goddamn five seconds trying to remember how to end a broadcast.

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Have you considered going into bounty hunting? Competition is stiff, for sure, but it would be a way to freelance your investigations.
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[ E x c u s e h i m. ]

That's your choice. You could look into the Genessia police department then, they might be hiring.
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[ Oh. That kind of criminal justice. That's far less exciting. ]

I wish you good luck with this. The Guardian offices are always in need of good coroners aiding us in our work. You might want to look into Attleton, in fact, we have had our fair share of overly artistic murderers this year.

[ Finally this has become a selling point! ]
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[Still trying to get over a clean shaven Jack but.]

You are a physician?

[He does seem a bit surprised. Mostly as he's never met a proper doctor.]
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Re: [Video]

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[For a good while at least. So clean.]

Examine the bodies of the dead?

[Why? He looks so confused and slightly intrigued.]

Why would that need to be done? You can not heal a dead man either.
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I believe there is a police department in Genessia somewhere if you want to take a look.
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Sadly, no. Though that is not an area I am very knowledgeable in. So I guess it's not a good thing.