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[When K-2SO show in the screen he's holding a giant white egg, head tilted. He has no proper features to show concern or confusion but his body language should be enough to give that away. In his shoulders, where the Empire emblem used to be, a bright orange Starbird can be seen instead.]

This thing showed up in the living-room, next to my recharge station. It also had a card with my name on it. I put it in the fridge but a few minutes later it when back to the living room, somehow.

Is this is how storks and babies work for humans? Because I think there's been a grave misunderstanding.

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woke up with one, too

[ Okay... two, actually. But only one had had his name on its card. ]
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no idea

it's not one of mine if it is

[ Older pooka like Tannu are known for some pretty elaborate pranks, but nope. This egg thing's not his fault! ]
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[ Someday, Tannusen's going to have to prank Kay for realsies just to teach him a thing. You just wait. ]

Indeed, especially while we were all asleep or... otherwise not paying attention.

[ Whatever it is Kay does. And Tektite, for that matter. ]
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well there you go then
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I mean, I could get in

locks ain't shit to someone like me
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that's not cheating, I am magic
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point is if I could do it I'm sure others could

even I don't understand the point of the eggs though

I strongly suspect it wasn't done... individually

[ After all, sneaking up on himself or his Cassian in their sleep? Unlikely. Doing so in the rectory? Even more unlikely. Managing to slip two giant goddamned eggs into bed with them?

Yeah no, he doubts it was a person that did it. Probably some world-wide spell of some sort. ]
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my Cassian sells wards that might do the trick

[ Of course, his Cassian's wards had never managed to stop Tannusen from breaking into his damn house, but hey. The tiger was a step above most intruders, with so much of his magic focused on escaping places (and thus, great for breaking into them as well). ]
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buddy I have no idea how any magic that isn't Glamour-based works

he's always ready to make a sale though so you should ask him

owns 'cloak and dagger'

[ Seriously, with that name... what's with the Cassians and being terrorists spy-themed. ]
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well that depends

do you want the short dumb answer or the longer more confusing answer

[ Tannusen doesn't even offer the 'I have studied this shit extensively and could talk about it for an hour' answer to anyone, anymore. ]

ah yes, that would be him

did you see the video with the potato chip bags

I'd be lying if I said I didn't keep that footage, shh

[ Tannu really doesn't want his phone blasted by a shotgun. ]
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see now it just sounds like you want to study me and I'm not sure if I should be flattered or suspicious

[ That other request, though. Tannusen sends a file. ]

my Cass is only 5'5", but he contains so much rage
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[ He's never shy, Kay, that's silly talk! ]

you a creative guy? I don't mean do you write fantasy novels or paint, I mean do you even daydream, shit like that?

...hey they were still in their bags, the fucker decided to sell them instead of eating any though