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[ When the video began, those who were watching would be greeted by the sight of a man who looked just a bit off from the norm. He was short in stature with unruly hair that he had obviously done his best to tame, but the most noticeable thing about him was not his exceptionally fancy clothing but rather the strange stance that he took. One of his feet was angled oddly to the side, and the cane he was leaning on confirmed that he undeniably had an usual gait. Still, he held himself with an undeniable air confidence that reflected in his voice despite the politeness he was exuding. ]

Genessia! Hello, hello. Please do forgive me for my belated introduction, but I assure you it comes with good reasoning which I will delve further into in just a moment. My name is Oswald Cobblepot, and where I come from I was fortunate and blessed enough to serve as the mayor of a very unique city known as Gotham. That name may mean little to most of you, but do believe me when I say that while Gotham was a place in need of much help and reform, it was my home and I was proud of every single step towards betterment that it took.

[ Bending his free arm behind his back, he straightened just slightly as he began to reach the heart of his message. ] Today, I stand before you all because I have seen a similar need here in Genessia. While I freely admit I haven't been here long, I have seen more than enough to know that Everglade is a place that desperately needs help. Truly, my heart goes out to them -- and quite frankly, I am outraged. [ In a mere instant, Oswald's entire demeanor abruptly shifted from amicable to stern and serious. His stance once again shifted slightly, and it was very clear that he now meant business. ]

From where I am standing, it is high time for some serious change. Those who desire nothing but the simple right to live their lives have faced trials and turmoil that has shaken me to my core. Do we not all desire the same thing? Do we not all deserve equality? That such a seemingly undeniable right has been alienated again and again is both shocking and heinous.

Even as shortly as I have resided in this place, one doesn't need to listen carefully to hear their outcry and discontentment. While I mean absolutely no disrespect to those who have given their efforts until now, their mistrust in the system present is well placed and I certainly do not blame them for it. I may not be the same as you, friends, but I have heard, and staying silent while you scream for justice is something I simply cannot and will not endure. What Everglade needs is a future and someone who can give it to them, and that is why I, with you all as my witnesses, have decided to announce my candidacy for Guardian of Everglade.

Stating my intentions coldly and formally is, however, not how I wish to begin my campaign. Saying that I wish for justice and unity isn't enough, when undoubtedly you have heard these words many times in the past. Instead I would ask to hear from the people, no matter where you come from or who you are. Your concerns are my concerns, and your questions are ones I will freely and honestly answer. Time and again I have found that communication is the foundation of success and progress, and I sincerely hope to engage in dialogues with many of you in the near future. To all others running, I wish you nothing but the best of luck. I thank you, Genessia, for your time, and may the best men and women win.
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[Tannusen watches the video very closely, eyes slightly narrowed behind his spectacles.]

You look... familiar.

[Oswald looks like a Sluagh's human mask. Tannusen is doubtful that the newcomer is another Fae, but wouldn't that be something? The possibility alone is worth poking at, like a bored cat.]

[...Which, after all, he is.]
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I can't say I've ever been there.

[He squints some more. There's no way to ask if someone's a Changeling, not really. They're all so used to hiding among the humans that one would reflexively deny it even if it was true. And he can't perform a Kenning over the phone. So, have more squinting.]

[Even the guy's fancy digs and talk fits the profile of a Sluagh!]

Well, you know, good luck.