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Video/As always, possible action for anyone who likes harassing him

... So I have a few things that I feel I need to say.

... Thank ye. To those of ye that came while I was ill the other day. Thank ye fer your help, and thank ye for gettin' me over it. Can't say it's entirely gone, but it's better than it was.

I ain't apologizin' to any of ye that broke in and sat on me, because that didn't help, but if ye wanted to come back and visit, I wouldn't blast yer dirty face off at the door. Just knock this time.

Second, I've a real house now what's got real heatin' in it and a proper furnace. I'll only be at the shop if the weather is too bad to walk home. Tis a subgate, ye can't miss it. Little red brick house with a fence and a pond near some woods. Knock.

Ye walk in without askin' and I can't promise ye will walk out.

We're gettin' a bit closer to Christmas as well, I'm sure ye all saw the bloody newspaper.


Bracken, I may have somethin' for ye in the new old house. Feel free to stop by, don't forget to knock.
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You have such an obsession with calling me dirty.

...I like it.