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[ action | OPEN ] Tell me what’s the difference, don’t they all just look the same inside?

Who: Tannusen and everyone! Other staff members welcome to tag in, too. (Also if your character is under 18, you're stuck with Scenario A or something similarly outside. I'm sorry! Tannusen's very strict about certain things. At least it's 18 and not 21, thanks to Tannu being Canadian.)
What: Assorted shenanigans in the tiger's territory.
When: Varies by thread.
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust (Please read that link if you're gonna tag in!)
Warnings: Will update if/as needed.

Scenario A: burning daylight
Velvet Lust is closed during the day, the hours on the door read: "Open: Sunset, Closed: First Dawn"

Still, here your character is anyway while the sun's up. Maybe they didn't know the hours, maybe they're just curious. If they poke around for too long, they're likely to get a visitor in response. Play those cards right, and maybe he'll even let them in. But, there's no guarantee that he will.

Try to break in or vandalize the place, and your character will find out real fast how closely Velvet Lust is guarded. And not just by its owner.

Scenario B: night time is the best time
There haven't been many steak orders on this particular night, so Tannusen is downstairs and behind the bar. He's taken his jacket off and hung it on a hook out of the way, and rolled up his dress-shirt's sleeves. For once, he's not gloved, but a ring of stage makeup has been applied to his wrists to hide the scarring that circles them.

Want to get waited on personally by the bar's owner? Here's a chance.

Scenario C: upstairs for the daring
Quite a few people who visit Velvet Lust only stay downstairs. Not your character, for whatever reason. On up the stairs they venture, and into the middle of the club part of the establishment. Tannusen is parked in his usual booth, at first, but he may get up and move to accommodate the scene.

Scenario D: buddha for mary, here it comes
When your character comes in, Tannusen is sitting on a stool on the downstairs stage with an acoustic guitar in his lap. For the sake of OOC simplicity, he's singing Buddha for Mary -- this is approximately what he sounds like. Feel free to have him finish up by the end of your pose.

choose your own adventure
The above scenarios are basically just suggestions. Have something else in mind? Write your own opener as a new thread and I'll toss Tannusen in however seems best!
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Abel recently got paid and withdrew his cash from the bank. It's a recent paycheck from his last bounty assignment. Although he took up the job as a librarian just recently, his check from that job won't be coming in for a while.

It's all work and no play for this priest. Nobody gave him presents, at least the ones he liked and preferred for Christmas. Even his birthday have long passed too, and he kept that under wraps, and celebrated alone. He wanted to cheer up for the New Year, but he can't. He's too homesick. The only thing that kept his sanity in this place is the photograph of his siblings that he won from a special bounty hunt, and he carried that everywhere hidden in his pocket.

Anyway, with his cash of red bills in tow, there seem to be only one solution when he doesn't feel like faking smiles for everyone in town. Get a drink, eat good food, forget, and get wasted. He entered the bar, basing on the decision that he haven't eaten from this establishment yet and Abel eat in a lot of restaurants and bars. Abel found a seat from himself, a table tuck in a corner.

Tannusen will get an unusual customer this very evening, as Abel is a very tall man at approximately 6'4'', long silver hair tied back with a black ribbon in a ponytail, and winter blue eyes and wear glasses. He's dressed what seems to be priest clothes (color and design similar to Cassian, but different as Abel wears his cassock like a robe and cloak, a jacket), and there's a heavy looking large rosary cross dangling from his chest.

Abel reads the menu, trying to figure out what is the house's special. It seems to be steaks, or so the menu says.
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Before Abel is about to order, he looks pleasantly surprised that his plate of steak is right before him, fresh and steaming hot from the grill, breaking his train of thought. "Oh, is that for me? Um, thank you! I was about to ask you about it!" This priest is polite. And that steak does look delicious, that Abel took the fork and knife to cut into it.

"You don't happen to serve wine and potatoes, would you? I tend to eat steak with baked red potatoes. And the wine I like is red wine."

Abel figured this is the owner by the way he dressed differently from his staff, as Abel once owned a store too in Genessia City...and he closed it a few days ago as he loss his business.

There's a hum of pleasure. "Oh this steak is really delicious! Juicy and tender! But is it really on the house? Really? Why?"
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"No potatoes? Not even french fries?" Abel was in distress, but talking to different people from different worlds help his mind get off things. But his friends aren't many in this world.

Slightly evasive. Abel is adept at evasive answers too. "Ah, I see." And...Abel is a bit dense when he's being lied too, so he didn't catch that.

Still, with a little smile, being friendly. "I didn't know your store is in Genessia City all the long. That make us neighbors. I lost mine because I don't know anything about business. Had you been in Genessia long? It's been half a year for me since summer, I think."

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Inhumanly good senses meant inhumanly good navigation, when one has no functional eyes. The cane was in use just to make sure he didn't trip over or walk into anything, but that well honed sense of smell had picked up the scent of some very nice food and drink, and he'd followed it right to it's center.

The demon actually managed to make the entrance without any extra attempt at hamming it up, though it was impossible to miss the slight billowing of his coat. Mind, if he could see, it'd be a fucking production in here.

As it is, he half follows his nose, half feels and hears his way to the bar, tapping the cane a few times against the stool before sliding into it, taking a deep breath. Smelling, honestly.

"I don't suppose you can legally prepare a blue steak, can you?"
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"Blue steak, I'm not in the mood to pair it with something else at present... Though a glass of Merlot would be wonderful." What a nice voice too, he cocked his head towards it pointedly, apparently enjoying the way it hit his ears.

A nice little rumble to it, wasn't it?

"I hope you don't mind me asking your name, I'd hate to be rude and call you bartender for the rest of the night."

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The ground... rumbles. Just faintly. It's rhythmic, like the tread of someone walking, but there's no possible way someone could be big enough or heavy enough to-

And in bursts Reinhardt. The rumbling was because he'd been walking pretty fast to get in here the second he noticed this place might sell alcohol. He's present shopping you see.

Gotta see a thing.

And get a thing.

Mostly for himself but also-

"Hallo!" Pleased as punch to see the good ol' bartender, making his way over with enough care to show he was aware of his size.. and enough bluster and speed to make it obvious he didn't care that much about not making a scene.

"I have a question, it is about your drink selection."
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"Hm?" He's digging around for his wallet, and then digging around for money in that wallet-

"Nein, it is but January still, mein herr- How much is it for Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier- It is a Hefeweizen, very popular. I would like for it in bottles, you see. It is a present for a friend."

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It was late evening, and he was on his way from Nova City having finished work to Everglade to tend to his mansion in that town via going through Genessia City. He would like a quick drink on the go, so he entered the bar...on a whim really.

Sebastian wears a classic, all black business suit to match the color of his hair from his tie to his shiny leather shoes, and wears a white shirt beneath, and carrying a briefcase. One can surmise he's a businessman.

He took a seat on the high school at the counter, and with a smile at the bartender behind the counter and tap on the wooden counter to get the bartender's attention, if he's busy. "Hello, and good evening. What kind of drinks you have?"
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"What kind I'm looking for? Hmm, let think." Sebastian thought of a liquor. "Do you have tequila?" Tequila is quite strong, but for Sebastian it's a bit on the light for him.

"Are you the owner? You kept this place well. Most of your wood is made of oak." Now this is someone is very perceptive of the décor.

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She Doesn't Look 514 Years Old...

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It was inevitable that the bar's merrymaking would attract the attention of a certain alcohol-loving empathetic youkai. And attract her attention it did, Koishi landing just outside and walking right through the front door, her powers cloaking her presence.

She made her way through the facility, taking to the air again and moving over to the bar. She settled in a stool in a kneeling position to give her a little bit of height. She was only 4'2" after all. She spun around once, holding her arms out to either side before leaning forward and resting her elbows on the the bar.

"Hey! Heeeeyy!" She waved at someone, anyone. She was thirsty and the sooner she was noticed the sooner she could order one. "Can you see me? Can you hear me? Heeeeyyyy!"
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That's because she's actually 415 and i'm a derp

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Koishi perked up as she was noticed. It is rare for people to notice her so quickly considering her unseen nature. Then again, indirect detection worked wonders to keep track of her.

"Hello there Mister!" Her eyes were bright green and glowed with an inner light. Whats more she had a fist sized sphere floating in front of her chest, tethered to her body by looping arteries that also seemed to float of their own accord. Certainly not human.

"I'm not invisible, just unconscious. So people don't notice me. I'm not invisible because people's eyes can see me, but I make it so their brain's can't understand that I'm there. It doesn't always turn off. But I'm glad you noticed me so quickly! I'm really thirsty." Certainly a chatterbox. A very happy chatterbox.


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[A curious figure is passing by, exploring her new homeworld for the first time on her own. She looked inside the window, standing on her tippy toes to take a peek as she's curious what kind of bar this is and what it's doing here. She's petite and short, at 5'2''.

What's curious about her, is that she wears a red hood, and she looks like little red riding hood in her attire.]
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[Ruby turned her head around and gives a squeek of surprise.]

Eheheh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to stand around like this! I'll go away.

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