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Out of body experiences aren't all they're cracked up to be [Open Log] (backdated cuz I'm a loser)

Who: Namur (in Ted's body) and ANYONE
What: Just what it says on the tin
When: August 4
Where: Noted in prompts
Why?: <-
Warnings: Potty mouth

Schlepping around Genessia in Ted's body isn't exactly the way Namur planned to spend his Friday morning, and what a shitty situation that is. Can't taste anything with his face so he keeps bumping into people. He can see a lot better so he keeps gawking at leaves on distant trees and bumping into people. Seriously, it's rude. They want to fight or something? Oh right, it's him bumping into them. So he smiles sheepishly and waves, trying his best to dart through the crowd which seems far less inclined to part ahead of him than usual. What a pain in the ass...

[Prompt 1]

It isn't Namur's first rodeo, though. First time borrowing someone else's body, true, but at least he isn't completely freaking out about all things human. Yes, he can feel the tiny, gross little hairs growing in his face but he knows that that's normal- and it's not like Ted would wind up with a five o' clock shadow anyway, so that's kind of nice. He feels ever more presently the sensation of cloth, as Ted's attire tends to be... well. Flowy. It tingles at all the sensitive little nerves and is enough to just about drive Namur nuts. So first stop? A wardrobe change. Good guts, it's about time someone got this smolt some clothes that don't make people want to weep in pain. Namur can be found enjoying the novelty of shopping from the racks instead of having to get something custom made, or just as he steps out of the shop, tugging a bit at the cuffs of the sleeves in a new t-shirt, looking rather pleased with himself.

[Prompt 2]

With the annoying aspect of having more sensitive skin taken care of, Namur thinks it might be nice to actually enjoy it for a change, and makes his way down to the docks in Fayren. Sure, there were probably places nearer he could have gone, but he wouldn't know where to look, and what he's looking for can almost always be found chasing rats dockside.

Yes, he's looking for cats.

Because they're soft and fluffy to touch and he knows what they like to eat. It's a hard thing to sit still, but he makes himself do it, a small filched fish propped up on one knee as he sits cross legged on a thick post. It's also a chance to see how much haki Ted's body is strong enough to do, so Namur sits with eyes closed, observing the life around him through other, more familiar means. There's a cat creeping closer, drawn by the promise of food but wary to be around a human. It'd be a shame if someone scared it away, wouldn't it?

[Prompt 3]

Another rare treat of the well shit now I'm human variety: all those foods humans love to eat actually do taste good. For once. Probably because he can't smell how dead and devoid of life everything is after its been chopped and boiled or burned and what have you. And Namur isn't about to let this opportunity go to waste. He can be found in a variety of establishments, devouring and appreciating food like he's never eaten it before. Maria always liked hot wings, so he's sure to find some of those; Ace and his brothers loved barbecue; Fionna had made cake pops that one time and been rather unhappy that he hadn't appreciated them, so he makes sure to find some now, even if it's a little too late to make it up to her; Airy had been all about the cookies and cupcakes, so those are for sure on the list; hot dogs too, since everyone seemed to go wild for them at the cafeteria; and hell, he'll even try a pie for Pinkie and a radish for Espio. All these rich, spicy and sweet foods he tries, and more. All of them. But he can't eat it all on his own, and food is much better with friends. Sure would be nice if someone decided to join him.

[Prompt 4]

It wouldn't be a proper night out on the town if Namur didn't hit the dance floor at least once. It's been awhile, honestly, since he's gone, and even though it's Ted's body, it seems to respond well enough, which surprises him a little. Others might be a little surprised to see "Ted" busting these moves as well. Or even being caught less than dead in a club. Maybe someone ought to punch him for being a hypocrite. Wouldn't that be fun?

[Prompt 5]

Wildcard- if there's something else you'd like to do to mess with Namur-in-Ted's-body, let's do it.
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Prompt 4!

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There is one woman who doesn't appear to be lining up to punch him. She's been watching the entire display while she sips her drink at the bar, quietly appraising. She doesn't know what kind of dancing this is supposed to be, but it is smooth, and she knows that a man with rhythm on the dancefloor has plenty of rhythm in other places too. She straightens her back and adjusts her cleavage, waiting for him to notice her. Maybe he'll chance his style and allow her to join him on the dancefloor.
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*Well, that's how it is, is it? Okay. Maybe she can give these women a run for their money. At least, that was the plan. Adjusting the skirt so that the slit wasn't showing too much thigh, for now, Faye stalks across the dancefloor towards him, hips swaying in time to the music*
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*No, Faye doesn't know Ted, so having her waist grabbed like that is more pleasant than confusing or amusing. She smirks as her own arms wrap around him while they dance, but she then she suddenly freezes, eyes narrowed*

How do you know my name?

*Could be a punter from the casino or something for all she knows, but still she is suspicious*
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so late and so sorry

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I see...

*That was reasonable enough - she wasn't the type of woman that posted cutesy nice things on the network, after all. Faye wonders at his laughter, but her smirk grows at the feeling of his finger on her cheek - she really doesn't mind that at all. But that promptly disappears as he continues to explain*

Namur? You're in on this whole body swap thing too, huh?

*Faye just slowly shakes her head, but she looks at this person's body with a renewed, if somewhat curious, interest*

And what kind of man is this...Ted? Will he be pleased to know that you are using him to flirt with hot women in clubs?
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*Faye glances him over again, appraising but also quite amused by all of this*

So he's a pure one, hmm? He sure isn't a virgin cause no one will give him one.

*Men and women both. She grins with his hands round her waist, hips still swaying as she reaches for something in her purse - a stick of red lipstick*

Maybe we should have some fun with him...
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*Feel free to look, Namur, there is plenty to see here. She continues to move in his hands while applying the red lipstick*

I think this will be pretty funny too.

*She smirks at him, then at once leans forward to kiss him hard on the neck, though deliberately with most of her lips against the collar of his shirt to leave a red mark*
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*Faye grinned against his neck when he reacted in that way - it was quite a pleasing reaction. It was a pity that Namur had suggested that he had to be careful with Ted's body - it had been some time since she had any react quite like her.

But then she stood up straight again, lips still red but less bright than before. She pouted in a teasing way at his reponse, but soon shook her head and smirked*

There. That will keep him guessing in the morning.
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That's only the start. There can be a whole trail of kisses if you want there to be...

*Faye smirks at him, allowing him to imagine for himself where that lipstick trail might lead. She is happy to lean so closely with him, her arms casually around him*

Hmm. A bounty here or there. Working at the casino. Helping Gale with his next business idea... Not a whole lot.

*Her embrace stiffens slightly as she explains; it seems Genessia is making her restless*
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Murderous hissy fit? Hmmph. How upsetting. That's not the reaction that I usually get...

*Still, she seems amused of a sort - it's not as though she is genuinely seducing him right now. Though...that is largely because she's been told not to*

A pirate?

*Faye chooses to focus on that for a moment, rather than worrying about herself. When he lifts her face so that her eyes meet his, she tries to keep her expression casual, smirking a little*

Don't worry..I'm sure I'll find a project or two to keep me entertained. Though the same goes for you, pirate.
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*His reaction intrigues her - there seems to be some kind of conflict going on there, though she can't be sure she knows what it is. The smirk is still there as he rests his forehead against hers, though he can't see it. She instead lifts a hand and places it at the back of his neck, tickling the skin there with the tips of her fingers* Mhm? And what might that be...?
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*Faye isn't sure if that breath is because of her fingers or because of what he is about to say. Incase it is the fingers, she allows them to tease his neck a few moments more*

Hmm. That's quite the question. But I imagine it depends. If they had memory of me, I would definitely expect them to keep it. If they had no idea I ever even existed then...guess there's nothing can be done about that or any promises made.

*Now her other hand lies flat against his chest*

Why? What big secrets are you carrying around?
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*Faye frowns at his sudden announcement of his departure. She takes her hands back, not hugely placated by that kiss on her forehead*

Are you serious? That's it? What - did I answer your question wrong?
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*Wow. Okay. She thought this had been going well and that he had like her attention, even if it wasn't his body. She steps away from him and tries to shrug it off, ignoring those eyes*

It's fine. Whatever. You need to do what you need to do.
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Sure. Later.

*Whatever. Obviously he wasn't having a good time. She must have imagined that. Faye watches him turn, the finally pats her hair and smoothes her skirt before drifting off to the bar again. Alone*
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Prompt 2

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Fortunately, Koishi wouldn't scare the cats away. Her presence did nothing for them, the little youkai's natural state often maintaining a careful indifference toward animals save her sister's pets or when she was actively hunting.

This also, unfortunately, meant the cats were not acknowledging her. So it would likely be quite a surprise when Namur discovered the little youkai staring blankly at him with head tilted and mouth slightly open as the mind of big-brother-fish-man snuggled a pile of kittens in a body that looked and smelled exactly like a certain fool's.

"Oh what in the Yama's nine hells am I looking at?"
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"But I did just ask though." She was pouting some, floating over. "I like cats. Sis has lots of them." She reached down to pet them, though they seemed fairly indifferent toward the little youkai.

"Why are you hanging out with cats though, mister? And why do you look like Mister Spades?"
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Prompt 2!

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A shame indeed, but someone else had their own opinion to this matter and it was Blair. Another cat? In her turf? Nope. A low growl echoed from the other side, and it was Blair. Blair crept slowly towards the cat who thought it was about to get a free meal. Little by little, she crept closer, fangs out and nails dragging on the ground as she walked between Ted and the other cat. Between as in, on Ted's lap with one paw on the fish. Blair let out a hiss as a fair warning to the other cat, if the flickered tail wasn't enough.

Shoo kitty!
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Were her ears deceiving? Blair retract her nails and looked up to the Ted person curiously. "Sorry Ted, Blair didn't know how tender you were." She patted Ted's lap with one paw gently as the other paw remained on her prize.

"You know, you don't sound like yourself. You feeling okay?" Blair asked as her ears perked up curiously.
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Blair blinked twice learning this development. Zwan wasn't going to be happy about that. In fact, after Namur flicked her hat off her head, the tip of her hat wiggled before a freaky fabric hand stretched out with a face. It didn't look too happy and couldn't do much since it was vulnerable. But it seemed Blair didn't mind because she was being petted. Blair nudged her head high and towards Namur's hand with a purr. "You don't say? You don't smell fishy, but it's pretty fishy."

"So what are you going to do while you're Ted?"
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Meanwhile, her hat on the ground inched closer and closer to the two trying to return to it's owner. Don't mind the hat dragging itself.

Blair let out a content purr as she leaned her head closer to Namur's hand as he scratched. When it was a little too rough, Blair shaken her head and leaned on it again for more attention. Sometimes her claws slipped out of her paws enough to poke Namur's skin.

"Sounds like fun. Hmm..." Blair brushed one paw across Namru's lap, gently. Like a light bulb, Blair looked up lit up. "You have got to try pumpkin pie!"
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Blair can't help the nails, especially scratching her head like that. She giggled when Namur winced by her claws, poor guy and she really had to be careful about it. Blair retracted her paw, giggled sheepishly, "my bad. It sorta happens." But hey, she looked forward to some pumpkin pie, the cat's face lit up with the thought about it.

She stepped back enough to his knees, which she didn't mind. Namur was a squishy human after all. Blair laid close to his knees, lifted her chin up and let out more purrs. When Namur made a comment about her hat, she side glanced and saw her poor familiar hat trying to return. "It's Zwan actually," Blair said with a wink. "He doesn't like to be left alone."