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Sixteenth Reel: Polling the Masses [Video]

[The video comes on, and it's Grell, sitting in an office like space for a change with red walls and soft lighting. It shows her black desk, which is surprisingly organized despite the piles of paper stacked on it. Each pile was neat, which one side being stacked high, while the other much lower. A copy of the latest edition of the newspaper is also on her desk, opened to a certain article that has her attention.]

Good evening. Here in Everglade, voting will soon commence on an important law, which, strangely enough, is up for debate. The Indecent Exposure law. It's something that isn't enforced here, and there haven't been many instances of trouble regarding it, because it isn't a law. Yet.

[Grell gives pause to tap her chin in thought, looking to the side.]

I suppose by bringing it to light that they may increase... [OOPS]

[Waves a hand in a gentle, haphazard way.] Nevertheless, while the vote is limited to Everglade residents, it would be interesting to know your views on this issue. There is a Pro-Natural and Pro-Clothes movement slowly gaining foot, something of a sight for me to see. No one from my time period would ever show an ankle! [Thinking back on it makes her shake her head a bit in amusement.] Except one...

[Very much talking about Ronald.]

I'm very much Pro-Clothes, not because I run a lingerie store, but because I don't want to see anyone's nasty bits but my husband's. [Shrugs] Simple.

[She reaches over to turn off the feed, but pulls back suddenly.] Oh! And while I have your attention, what are we to do, exactly with these...Pokemon? They have extraordinary abilities, yet they're rather cute. Do people keep them as pets or battle companions, or both?

[Okay, now she's turning off the feed.]
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To echo what some others have said, most of my own kind cannot shapeshift and retain their clothing when they shift back. Actually, most shifters I've met of any species, Faerie or otherwise, couldn't manage the trick. You turn into something tiny, like a mouse, you leave your clothes behind. Something... bigger than a human, and you leave a lot of scrap behind.

[ Tannusen is a fucking amazing shifter, being able to subsume his clothes into his other form and reappear in them when he changes back. But, it's a 3 point Merit that has to be taken at character generation, so it's not a common skill. ]

On a less serious note, maybe there's a happy medium here; everyone's required to at least be in lacy underthings.

[ IT WOULDN'T WORK, but it's a hell of a mental image, innit? ]
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That's quitter talk.

[ He, for one, looks amazing in lace. ]
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Sounds like a 'you' problem, to me. I picture everyone in lacy underwear at least once.

[ And sometimes he gets to see it in action, because he's a man-ho. A very convincing man-ho. ]

As for your pokemon question, I'm not sure. This is my first time dealing with the critters. Tek mostly likes to scream at things from rooftops, though her namesake helped her learn that one. The other two... they've been known to get into their own fights.
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Especially the guardians, and deputies.

[ A snort. ]

Can you imagine Garrus in a thong? I don't even know what he looks like under all that armor, but I'm picturing it anyway.

[ You're welcome for that mental image. ]

I pretty much just keep the balls on hand for in case of an emergency, I'm not sure I trust the 'common knowledge' that they like it in there. Containment isn't something I'm a big fan of.
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and on the public side of things

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I don't see how that's bad news.

Over it may be a bit of a stretch. Literally. Guy's like a walking, giant can of green beans.
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Nah, I'm a very imaginative guy. Sorta made of the stuff, after all.

I'll be sure to pass the recommendation on next time 'hero' struts into my bar to 'check up on me'.
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[private 'til/if stated otherwise]

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You've heard a what, now? You'll have to be specific, I get up to a lot of trouble.

[ A. Lot. ]

And who's 'we'?

[ Garrus, did you do a stupid--! ]
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Is that so. And you're... investigating... the incident.

[ Tannusen actually pinches the bridge of his nose for a moment, above the glasses. ]

That bloody...

[ Then he drops his hand, and smiles. Uh. Oh. ]

Stay tuned to the network, I'm about to make things quite a bit clearer for everyone.
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I'm a real circus performer; accept no shitty, mind-controlling Attleton substitute.