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A Box of Assorted Sonico

A: Video: *Sonico appears on the screen with a big smile and bright eyes, and she even gives the camera a shy wave* Good morning, everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone here for how good and kind you have been. The fundraiser was a huge success, and I want to thank everyone for their kind words about my performance. I would also like to thank everyone for your thoughtful Christmas gifts. I was so shocked and suprised! I am so grateful to have met such generous friends. She takes a moment here to bow her head for a second or two to prove her gratitude. Suddenly, there's a small growl and a bundle of fluff appears, bouncing in front of the camera. Sonico looks up and laugh, and scoops the creature into a hug* And this is Meiji, my new kitten. Thank you, Koishi for being so thoughtful. *Yeah, Sonico looks at the cat like she's in love. There does seem to be something curious about her new kitten, though....

B: Action - Bar: This, unfortunately, appears to be a bit of a tradition for Sonico now. Another friend has disappeared. One who looked after her, and cared for her when she was house bound with broken ribs. One who tried to understand her, and consider her emotions. It hurts that he's gone now, so Sonico has found herself in a small bar, nursing a beer and staring at the table in front of her.

C: Action - Nova Mall: As soon as Sonico found out about Grell's Foundation for orphaned and disadvantaged children, Sonico was desperately keen to be involved. An orphan herself, she knows how difficult life can be. Not everyone has an awesome grandmother to take care of them. In order to raise awareness, and hopefully raise some money for the charity, Sonico sits up a little concert in Nova mall. Anyone nearby or casually shopping can pop in and enjoy the show! Sonico is on stage with a band, complete with her own electric guitar this time - thank you, Arro! - and is performing something very different from last time. This is for kids, so the show is in full on pop rock mode. The songs are punchy and fun, upbeat and catchy. To match, Sonico has gone cute with her costume too. Fun for all the family. Enjoy! Donate! Feel your heart go out to the orphans every time Sonico appeals between songs!

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Tannusen could write a book, or at the very least a scathing essay, on all the reasons it isn't fair for an exotic predator pooka to have the same compulsions as all the fluffy-cute-friendly pooka.

For one, being drawn to people when they're sad. That's all fine and good for a lapdog, sure, but for a royal bengal tiger? What helpful animal instincts is he supposed to draw on, here? He's not domesticated. He's not even a lion, who at least live in groups. A tiger is perhaps the least useful animal to be in this sort of situation! Short of, maybe, some sort of lizard.

But there isn't much helping it. There are differences between the exotic and the more acceptable pooka, but in the end... a pooka is a pooka. So, as compelled as any other of his kind, Tannusen draws near. And then he drops with a casual, easy grace into an empty chair at Sonico's table.

It's probably about time for him to meet the pink-haired girl while he's in human form, anyway.
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Don't worry, Sonico. While Tannusen is nearly as into women as he is into men, he's certainly not been drawn over with his cup of steaming oolong tea to make a pass. If anything, having the pooka lounging around at your table is likely to keep at least some of those guys at bay.

He's still got that predator aura to him, after all. Much as that sometimes draws fights to him like honey drawing in flies, it also stops a lot before they can begin.

"Hello," he returns, amused. Normally, he'd consider just propping his chin in his hand and staring like he'd stared as a tiger until she possibly caught on, but he came over to not be a giant asshole. Right? Right. Or at least try. So, he salutes with his tea. "Human form this time, alas."

It's really hard to miss that purring quality in his voice. It has nothing to do with being a tiger, but sometimes it's convenient anyway.
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"In the flesh, as it were," said tiger confirms with a chuckle, and takes a sip of his steaming hot tea. His eyes are the same, just smaller for a human skull. A little brighter in color, thanks to his Slipped Seeming. It's ironically only in his animal form that he blends in seamlessly with the mortal world.

As much as a giant white tiger outside of a zoo or circus can actually... blend.

"Tannusen, more specifically. Communication is a great deal easier in this form."
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"Human vocal chords can do that," Tannusen chuckles, "I know some pooka who can still talk quite naturally in their true forms, but I'm simply not one of them."

He'd be amused to know that he's so much more approachable in this form. Most people don't find that to be the case, for whatever reason, taking the human form seriously... but not the form with canine teeth as long as their hands.

Some humans are just really, really dumb.
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"Oh no, you were fine, I was just in a mood." A mood to cause trouble. Cat. Just because he's a very big cat, doesn't make him less of one! "I'm actually quite glad Trahearne's starting to make some friends, that's good. He needs some."
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"Trahearne's amazingly nervous around everyone," Tannusen has no problem dishing on Trahearne for the plant's own benefit. It's the tree's fault if he doesn't like it! "He's spent most of his life alone, as far as I know it. Tragic, isn't it?"
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"Well, obviously he likes you, so he wasn't as much of a wreck," Tannu takes a drink of his tea, then toys with the cup between his gloved hands, on the table. "I still had to trick him into leaving his books for the night to get him there."
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Tannusen laughs at that, both the statement and the blush. How endearing.

"Downstairs is a perfectly respectable bar that just happens to have a scary name. It's upstairs that the place lives down to everyone's expectations. Nothing greater for generating glamour, though, at least not without a whole lot more work."
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Tannusen grins, showing off the oddness of his teeth. The upper and lower canines are just-- there's something off about them. One can't quite put a word to it. Something missing? But they look fine...


"Velvet Lust is larger, cleaner," he glances around the bar they're in, this time assessing the place as a proprietor, instead of simply sipping tea in it. "VL has a lot more dark, polished wood, with metal accents. A few pool tables with immaculate greens. The tables all have little menus on them, for the more popular drinks and the few food items we sell. The bar takes up most of one wall, and the stage most of another, caddy-corner so no one has to turn their back on any performances to order drinks."

His gaze settles on some of the other patrons of this place.

"The clientele is over-all better." But, he's biased. He likes his irregular group of regulars, even that weirdo Buddhist priest with the braid. Owning Velvet Lust had been halfway a joke at first, back on Earth, but it had been quick to get into his blood.

Of course, he says that loud enough that he can be heard, because he doesn't care. A few of the ruder men over yonder bristle visibly, and Tannusen just smiles at them until they settle back down. Brawling with the tiger is not a fight most people really want to pick.

"It's a gay bar," he finishes, looking at Sonico again. "So most of the clientele aren't straight. Doesn't mean you'll never get hit on, by any gender, but I don't let people get too creepy... downstairs."

Upstairs, is another matter.
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"Too elegant for someone like you?" Tannusen repeats, raising an eyebrow. "You'll have to clarify that one."
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"Nonsense," Tannusen scoffs at the notion, "is this because I'm dressed up? Don't let it fool you, my staff are usually just in whatever is comfortable for them."

Hell, his security guard was a giant rock woman who wore whatever colorful, crazy thing she could find that would fit. Meanwhile, his event manager wore head-to-toe leather. The fake people who made up the rest of his staff wore whatever boring, forgettable things they usually wore. It ran a gamut, and that was just the staff. The clientele could be even more varied.

"You'd fit in in a full radiation suit, a ball gown, or a bikini. I picked the central city for a reason; variety. It's really not a big deal."
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sorry for the delay! lost track of all my pre-flu scenes for a while there <3

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"Well, I'm obviously very biased toward the place," Tannusen chuckles, toying with his cup of tea, "but I think it's fine to go there and to be comfortable at the same time."
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I seem to moooostly be, yeah~

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Ah, and there it was. The reason his stupid pooka nature had dragged him over to the small pink human despite his knowing better, intellectually, than to get involved.

"Well, you're friends with Trahearne. Drag him there." See? Easy solution.

And... totally not helpful.

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