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[The feed clicks on.

... Honestly? Nothing strange here. This man, other than being attractive, seems normal. Other than the considerable lack of panic, of course.

Hard to imagine it, but he looks... warmly content. Satisfied perhaps.

Well can't say this is the address I gave the cabbie but hey, I like adventures.

I'm gonna skip the newbie song and dance for a moment; anyone know where I can get something to eat? I'll get all worked up and loud later, can't panic on an empty stomach.

In the mood for fish, I'll make it worth the trip if someone shows up to show me around.
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[ You know, Tannusen had told himself he wasn't going to answer any more confused newbie videos today, having already done two, but... this one doesn't sound terribly confused. So, that's a start. Maybe it won't be the usual song and dance, then.

He clicks the video on on his end, where he's lounging back in his usual booth in the upstairs of Velvet Lust. Phone in hand, elbow propped up on the table. It's daylight out, and thus the place is empty; closed. No club music or flashing lights to drown him out or piss off the camera's focus.

Look, he got in a fight with an ambulance, today. He's earned just hanging out in his territory for a few hours browsing the internet.

In between sessions in the basement, of course. He's holding it together better today than he has lately.

...Probably because he got in a fight with an ambulance, let's be real. Faeries dig weird.

So let me get this straight. You just woke up here, in that dumb pod thing, probably splashed your way through all that annoying water... and now you want fish? I hope it's because you're really suggestible, and not because you're some new 'cat person' that I'll have to ignore on principle.

[ Honestly. That type's always going on about fish. ]

I mean it. One dumb meow and I'm hanging up, immediately.
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Nope, just tired of a reoccurring type of newbie.

[ He can have his undignified moments, sure. But he's not... that shit. ]

So what I'm getting here is you're either used to this kind of thing, or you're still in shock.

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Fun as it might be to experience the point-of-view of a glow-stick being flailed around at the world's most lethargic rave, I'll pass.
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I've done that before. I give it a one out of ten, not recommended.

[ Okay, so he'd jumped, but when you didn't have the chance to use a damn spell first, it was really the same difference. ]

Haven't caught yours yet, either.
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Didn't have time in the cab on the way over?

[ The tiger quirks an eyebrow. But, okay. A name for a name, he knows the deal. ]


[ No surname, he's given his given surname only once on this world, and that had been while angry. As much as he might be feeling more and more like a goddamned Harrowgate, with how he's got to murder someone who trusts him so much, and all...

Tunnel, right? He knew the origins of his own naming.

Such bullshit. Trench would have been proud.

He hated it. ]
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Not at this hour, I don't.

[ Fuck you, sunlight! ]

My place is closed when the sun is up. Old tradition. Besides, only fish we have on hand is crab.

[ So much fucking crab. ]