Anastasia K. Leonheart
06 August 2017 @ 05:03 am
[A young girl appears on the feed, laying on her belly upon her bed. A sporty uniform was hanging on a closet door behind her. She looked comfy resting her chin on a rolly-polly panda doll.]

Hello, everyone. I had fun cheerleading for Nova City at the games. I hope there will be another Olympic games next year. It was lonely not having anyone else with me, though.

But I'm seeing something weird on the network. Some people are talking like they are not themselves. Is there a bug going around?

And, another question. Can anyone give me an example of "rockin' roll" music?
Krista Leigh
06 August 2017 @ 07:40 am
[Krista appeared to be standing on a film set, wearing what appeared to be a long brown wig which could be mistaken for just being dyed if Krista hadn't cut her hair a couple months ago. She starts to walk and while she does she speaks.]

Sup everyone, I'm currently in the middle of filming, but... Seems like there is a bit of a snag, so I suggested solving the problem. Seems as though we are down some extras for the current project we are doing, so I am here asking if anyone wants to be a background character.

Because sometimes filming can get boring and lonely. I mean some of the actors are nice and all, but you just cannot gossip with them like you can people you really know. Plus you got that one guy who is just a jerk and you really don't want to be around him.

[She waves her hand slightly. She isn't even trying to hide that fact, there really was one guy she couldn't seem to stand on this film.]

So if you want to help, let me know and I'll pass it on. [With that done and out of the way, she taps her chin.]

They are also looking for projects to ideas for films, so you can also let me know of them too. But moving on from that, I have something I want to say...

[She had managed to make it to her little area, her dressing room where her Pokemon; Rockruff, Butterfree and Cherrim bundled on over as she knelt down. Okay her attention is away from the device for the moment.]

Hey, guys did you missed me? Did you get into mischief? [She put on a frowny face for a brief moment before laughing.]

Okay, okay. I believe you. [She gave each of them a fuss before going to sit on a couch, laying back as Rockruff sat on her lap.]

Back to what I was doing... or saying at least. So I've been here since February and since then... I've slowly been learning various things about my life, who I am and just simply having to learn to fend for myself in areas that aren't battling the forces of corruption. I mean, I can now cook something that doesn't just look like charcoal anyway... at least stuff you put into the oven and actually has instructions anyway. [A beat.] Without instructions is a work in progress that can be hit or miss.

[She starts to fuss Rockruff a little more.]

What I guess I am saying is... While being here sucks in like so many ways, I feel like... it also can help us in others and I'm weirdly... grateful for that, as freaky as that sounds. [Finally she moves to sit up, her Pokemon moving slightly.]

Because of that... I want to help in my own way and back home charity work was something I always wanted to get involved with, but... momager would only let me do certain charity work. But I'm my own person now, so I'm going to do all the charity work... Just... Have to find the right charity first. One I feel passionate about.

[She laughs before holding up her fingers in a V sign, because why not.]

Wish me luck. Maybe in the future you'll get something else like the award show I pulled off, so expect something fablous.
Tannusen 🐯
06 August 2017 @ 01:15 pm
Who: Tannusen and/or whoever!
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust (Please read that link if you're gonna tag in!)
What: A general Velvet Lust catch-all post for August. Back-tagging in the future, and back-dating now or later are both fine. And continuing your threads in old VL posts is also fine!
Warnings: Will add if anything comes up.

🌟 OTAs, and closed threads between people who aren't Tannusen are also welcome!
(Please note it in your subject line, so I don't barge in!)

There are rules! And there are enforcers. Characters (or NPCs!) who step out of line will be removed from the premises.

A. [OPEN - obligatory Tannusen prompt, now with engagement ring] )

B. [OTA - the pocket angel prompt] )

C. [OPEN or LOCKED - that body swapping event] )

D. [OTA or LOCKED - choose your own adventure] )

E. [LOCKED - current Velvet Lust staffers] )
06 August 2017 @ 02:56 pm
[The video feed activates and it's evident that Minori is on the move. She's rather distressed but not panicking. She's not the helpless newb she used to be even if she wasn't even close to as strong as the others. There also seems to be a lot of soft jingling just out of the video feed.]

Please excuse me, is this still Elder Tales? I don't remember hearing about a Genessia City on the Yamato Server... I tried calling everyone on my friends' list but I just get a message about the player not being available.

[Minori looks away to check a street sign and then back at the phone.]

I'd like to thank the girl in white for the informative hologram as well! It was really helpful!

[And the feed ends...]


Minori sighed after hanging up. It didn't seem like there was a guild hall in this city for some reason, so maybe she wasn't in the game still. But she was still in her gaming avatar and could pull up the command menu. The city did seem safe enough but Minori kept her staff out just in case. The girl visibly shook herself and started walking again. The hologram had recommended she go to a place called 'Haller Home' and it was as good a place to start as any.
Jack Skellington
 *There's a beautiful blonde on the screen, her eyes bright and a hand pressed to her chest*

Good afternoon, everyone!

*At the sound of such a lovely female voice, Jack falls into a small outburst of giggles*

What a thing it is, to have skin and flesh, a heart with a pulse!

*That hand presses a little harder on the breast*

I can hear it! I can feel it!

*Excuse her while those giggles start up again*

[Action - Fayren, later Genessia]

There is a lovely young blonde woman, running and twirling, revelling in the very excitement of being alive. She claps her hands and skips around town, every so often stopping to take gulps of air.

This is so fun that later on, Eleanor can be found in Genessia, seeking a place to dance the night away and take part in all sorts of the joys of being alive!
Tannusen 🐯
Who: Lil/Lev (NPC written by Squid) and Tannusen
Where: Velvet Lust's secret basement, maybe other locations too.
When: Late July, several days before bodyswapping shenanigans.
What: Tannusen's putting the final work in toward learning the fifth tier of one of his schools of magic. It goes sideways, as things are wont to do. Wackiness ensues.
Warnings: Nah.

The fifth tier of any Fae magic was supremely difficult to learn. It took years, often, to go from the fourth to the fifth. This was no exception; Tannusen had been working on this off and on for most of the time he'd been on this strange little world.

On the one hand, it should have been a little easier for him to master Elder Form; he was a shapeshifter. The concept wasn't exactly alien to a pooka.

On the other hand, he was having to learn this basically on his own, with no literature from his Earth to help lead him in the right direction.

It... basically balanced out.

Cue Tannusen spending most of a day with his assorted notes splayed out on the table in the secret basement, Lil's ball ending up surrounded in papers covered in cramped handwriting and weird, probably indiscernible diagrams of things that didn't exist on the 'usual' layer of reality... but very much existed for Tannusen, all day every day.
Current Music: Carlos Santana Feat. Everlast - Put Your Lights On
Sonico Super
06 August 2017 @ 10:41 pm
Who: Sonico and Mobius (with open prompts for you too!)
What: A date and a body switch!
Where: Around Town
When: Body Swap Day

Sonico had been very much looking forward to her date with Mobius. It was a source of excitement as well as much nervousness. She had gone to some lengths to out together an outfit that would be considered cute - a pretty summer dress and a sweet new pair of shoes with a small heel. That was what the woman in the store said she should wear to be sure that the young man would be smitten. Plus a little bit of make up too. Sonico had trusted the woman, and so there she was, hurrying along to make sure she met Mobius at the meeting place in time. If only she knew how very differently this date would turn out...

[Open Prompts fo Others]

A. There are two young people in town, standing quite closely together. They could just be having a perfectly pleasant time, only they seem to be quite determined to get somewhere, walking their way back home to Attleton.

B. What's going on? It seems a disturbance is going on with a rather rude and aggressive NPC. Sonico is standing, poised for a fight. Meanwhile, Mobius is hiding behind her, watching on with scared eyes.