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City Guardian Debate!

[ Everyone's TVs will flicker on and to the Genessia News Channel for a Live Special Report. The Show Host doesn't seem to be where he normally would be, instead when the executive chair spins around, there's a dog sitting in it. ]

HOHOHO! Merry Christmas everyone! Just kiddin', the big guy's busy and your usual Show Host needed a vacay! So you get me, Cupid! What do you think I do the rest of the year, lick my balls like a dog? Ha! Get your paws out of the gutter and get ready for the City Guardian debates, ya mutts!

Genessia City and Nova City will be sitting out of the debates since David Haller and Weiss Schnee run unopposed again! Guess we know who people think are the top dogs around here if no one even tried! Roohoohoo! Just kidding just kidding, you're doin' a doggone good job.

Let's start with Attleton. Attleton, a dog's best friend and you know it as soon as you get to the dog park! This term we've got Blaze versus Barbara! A battle of the B's! Blaze is the current Guardian and most people agree he's kept Attleton safe, but newcomer Barbara seems to have a bone to pick with him!

Favored by protectors and the one town that has an excuse not to be dog people. Really, man, I'm sorry about your femur. I got it back to ya, I told ya, those bite marks weren't mine, Bonedaddy. Everglade's got the ghost with the most, Danny Phantom versus mystery contender newcomer Mayor Oswald Cobblepot versus Grell Sutcliff. I would mind if she gave me a belly rub if ya know what I mean, woof woof.

Last but not least, put a little magic in your lives! Fayren's got the best hot spring for a dog to take a break from sniffing butts and rest his own. Will Satori Komeiji keep on ruffing things up as the reigning champion or will it be one of the new contenders trying to stop it from raining cats and dogs? Let me tell you- when it's raining cats, it's no fun, so let's hope that Yukiko Amagi, owner of Heals on Wheels and Amagi Inn, or Xander, knight of the dreamboats (ladies, see me about arrows after the show), are ready to protect us from getting nose scratches in all the wrong ways.

Looks like it's going to be a battle worth wagging your tail over, chumps! Ruffhaha! Let's get this Q&A debate started. You all come up with questions to ask each of the Guardians, and each Guardian will have the opportunity to answer it to help you decide which of your candidates is the right one for your city. This is going to be broadcast on live TV from right here in Genessia City. Send in text questions over the big screen with the hashtag #BarkinGuardians if you couldn't make it in person!

{ OOC NOTE: Anyone can reply to this post with a question they want to ask the potential City Guardians. Each City Guardian candidate is tasked with answering any question on this post. No candidate is required to, but lack of participation may affect public opinion of the candidate!

On December 18th, the polls will officially go up and each character will be afforded one vote for each city. So if you play 5 characters, you will need to submit 5 vote choices in the OOC poll, though they should go along with what your character would ICly want. If you only play 1, then only that character will get a vote. For now though, the debate is here! }
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Question the first: Are any of you not boring?

Question the second: How do you react to what you don't understand?

Question the third:

[The third is left intentionally blank.]

#BarkinGuardians #CatsAreBetter #HelloButtSniffer
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The first would depend on your definition of "boring" more than anything.

[He's certain he's likely 'boring' to some people, seeing that he's relatively... normal compared to most people here.]

Surprise may be a reflex, but it's always important to approach unfamiliar things with a calm mind, and to make an effort to understand it if necessary.

[He isn't sure what to say about the lack of a third question. Though he does agree that cats are better, even if he loves his dog as much as his cat.]
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Yes, however I want, and Hashtag Best Question.

[ It may not seem like a serious answer, but she seems to be smiling about it. ]
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[First off, Grell shouldn't be at all perturbed at seeing a talking dog hosting a debate, but she is. Even after traveling to her second world, it's still surprising. Safe to say that she's putting on her game face about it and appearing calm. If her dog started talking to her, she doesn't know what she'd do! But it would certainly make communications much easier.

Second, opening questions to the general public is actually a great way to shake things up. She likes the spontaneity, as the questions reflect.]

I've been described as many things, but boring, and other similar terms, are not one of them.

[The second question gets a smile from her.]

I would do what anyone would naturally do: look as if you don't understand, then-- [holds up a finger as she pauses dramatically] actually try to understand through talking it out and making inquiries. [She shrugs a little.] Or using images, if necessary.

[So the last question is left blank, and..that's fine? Maybe it got eaten by pesky virtual bugs.]
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Satori takes a little bit to mull over what she'll say in response. Though not in a troubled way. She isn't offended, either, she's just a little bit puzzled. The youkai takes a moment, her third eye's slight blink being slightly out of sync the only sign of actual confusion.

"Well then, I'm not sure what you'd mean by 'boring'. My home is always lively. And while I'm much quieter than most, some have taken quite an interest in me and find me to be an entertaining host."

To the second question, Satori offers a faint smile. Perhaps one that's coy, daring or mysterious. Of course, she loves questions like these, where she can do something that makes people think.

"To your second question: I'm quite aware people fear what they do not understand. I'm proof enough of this to many people until they've met me in the flesh. However, there isn't much in this or my own world which I haven't seen, already. If I do not understand something, it's merely because I've yet to set aside time to look into the matter on my own terms. My kind hold the truth to a high standard, after all."

The third question's empty. That's odd. There's bound to be more, for sure, but this may be some kind of mind game to throw the candidates off. Who knows. She has no preference in terms of cats or dogs, either. All animals deserved respect.
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The first question is a little odd, but I guess some people would find others boring even if they are doing something the other would find fun. So in your case you might find what I do to be boring and that's okay since that would be your opinion.

I mean I am not saying I am boring, I just understand not everyone would think what I do would be considered 'fun.'

[She tapped her finger lightly against her chin.]

As for the second question, just like anyone who isn't use to the abnormal. I mean when I first came across my own Shadow some years ago now, I was surprised at seeing myself in a way I didn't like. But... I learnt to accept it and carry on. I'm sure for other things the same thing applies. I'd be surprised but slowly adapt to it while understanding and learning from it. After all we need to understand a lot of things while here.

Also I assume your last question is actually blanke for a reason?
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[Xander is choosing to ignore the first question outright.]

If I come across something I don't understand, then I look for ways to help me understand it. I may ask questions, or conduct research. In a position of authority, I may delegate subordinates to do such things for me and prepare reports to deliver to me. However, if the subject I don't understand happens to be an individual, then I respect their personal boundaries.
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Insisting on my own points of interest would only come across as diminishing to my fellow candidates. Anyone with the willingness to stand up here today is hardly what I would call a boring individual.

[ Boring people don't run for office, after all. Those who do always have stories behind their ambitions. ]

As for the second question, I largely echo the sentiments of others and can mostly only repeat them, but I believe a very important component that has yet to be mentioned is garnering other perspectives and opinions while forming my own. As a man or woman with responsibility, coming to your own conclusions without outside guidance of trusted colleagues can often lead to taking inappropriate action before one has a truly full sense of understanding.

[ As for the last "question", well. He simply shook his head and chuckled. ] A bit of humor never hurts these sort of climates, does it?