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Hype(?) Train [Video]

[Blue, webbed hands hold up the pretty date auction advertisement distributed through the paper.]

Look at this shit. Seriously?

[The flier gets tossed to the side, in favor of letting the camera focus on Namur's face. His teeth aren't fully bared, but there's certainly a bit more of a snap in the way he says his words.]

Come through time an' space an' differnt universes or dimensions or whatever the hell shit we gone through an' y'all still wanna auction each other off like random shit y' find in some ol' dead bloke's attic? Someone please 'splain it t' me cuz they couldn't back in Balamb. Y'all get some kinda thrill sellin' yer pals? Make y' feel powerful or some shit? Oh, 's okay cuz 's for charity, yer gonna say. Who gives a shit? Yer sellin' people!

[He pounds his fist on the table next to his communicator, making it jump. By the time the feed stops fuzzing and focuses again, he's running his fingers through his hair, trying to calm himself down because he's getting more fired up than he meant. He takes a deep breath and blows it out slowly.]

A'ight, look. Anyone still watchin'. If y' sign up for this damned thing thinkin' 's gonna be fun or whatever an' y' wind up gettin' stuck with some asshole y' ain't okay with, but yer still gonna go through with it cuz charity or whatever- call me. I'll back y' up. Don't care if I never metcha 'fore. Need a 'mergency phone call oops gotta go, I'll make that call. Need a friend happens t' be close by jus' in case, tell me where an' when, I'll be there, catch me? Seriously.

[Namur gives a sloppy but well practiced salute. Anyone familiar with SeeD will recognize it instantly.]

Peace out, peeps.
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What can I say? I'm a great friend.

[Ha. Ha. Eat it, Trahearne.]